Vol 73 No 1s (2014) • Limnology in the 21st Century: celebrating 75 years of ecological research in Pallanza

Published: 2014-05-09

Guest Editors
Angela Boggero (CNR Institute of Ecosystem Study, Italy); Diego Fontaneto (CNR Institute of Ecosystem Study, Italy); Giuseppe Morabito (CNR Institute of Ecosystem Study, Italy); Pietro Volta (CNR Institute of Ecosystem Study, Italy)

Perspectives on the use of lakes and ponds as model systems for macroecological research

Joaquín Hortal, João C. Nabout, Joaquín Calatayud, Fernanda M. Carneiro, André Padial, Ana M. C. Santos, Tadeu Siqueira, Folmer Bokma, L. Mauricio Bini, Marc Ventura

Climate change impacts on lakes: an integrated ecological perspective based on a multi-faceted approach, with special focus on shallow lakes

Erik Jeppesen, Mariana Meerhoff, Thomas A. Davidson, Dennis Trolle, Martin Søndergaard, Torben L. Lauridsen, Meryem Beklioglu, Sandra Brucet, Pietro Volta, Iván González-Bergonzoni, Anders Nielsen

Optical remote sensing of lakes: an overview on Lake Maggiore

Claudia Giardino, Mariano Bresciani, Daniela Stroppiana, Alessandro Oggioni, Giuseppe Morabito