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Dear Reader,

the Journal of Limnology is changing its editorial structure beginning from this issue. Gianluigi Giussani leaves his role of Editor-in-Chief, which he held for 12 years with generosity and expertise. During his management, the spread of the Journal of Limnology has expanded greatly, leading the journal to receive an impact factor since 2007 (average of 4 years: 1.285). This success has prompted us to improve the accessibility of the journal for authors and readers, starting a new website. The manuscript submission and the review process will be handled online, speeding up the publication of papers and maintaining the open access. The papers will be freely available via internet and the publication of manuscripts will continue without additional costs. To cope with the rising costs, the paper version will be available only by subscription. The journal's editorial policy has unchanged, while the Editorial Board has been renewed, including skills on the most representative fields of the to-day limnology. The Associate Editors will promote the submission of papers in the different branches of limnology and will look after papers related to their specific expertises. As the newly appointed Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Limnology I hope that limnologists will appreciate our effort to keep active and free a channel for dissemination of limnological research and will continue to consider our journal a good opportunity to spread their novel results.



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