Forest ecosystem monitoring in Tuscany (Italy): past activities, present status and future perspectives

  • Luigi BARTOLOZZI |
  • Ilaria BONINI
  • Renzo BORETTI
  • Filippo BUSSOTTI
  • Enrico CENNI
  • Alessandro CHIARUCCI
  • Alberto COZZI
  • Vincenzo DE DOMINICIS
  • Marco FERRETTI
  • Paolo GROSSONI
  • Gianluca LANDI
  • Claudio LEONZIO
  • Giovanni VIGNOZZI


Since 1987 the Region of Tuscany has been actively monitoring crown status in its forests, in order to protect them from atmospheric pollution, biotic factors and environmental change. Over this period the Region has performed periodical inventories on crown condition in publicly-owned forests (Level I network) and established a network of permanent plots (MON.I.TO., Level II – III) to study long-term changes occurring in forest ecosystems. Some of these permanent plots were later included in the national programme CONECOFOR, managed by the Ministry for Policy in Agriculture and Forest. Currently a further development of MON.I.TO. is being implemented, called MONITO III – TOpModel, the aim of which is to broaden the information potential of the monitoring system to include carbon stocks and biodiversity evaluation. This paper provides an up-to-date report on the status of the various surveys and recommends a closer connection between MON.I.TO. and the other regional information systems, especially the Regional Forest Inventory, in order to produce information that may be useful in forest planning and in Sustainable Forest Management.



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integrated monitoring, forest condition, air pollution, carbon stock, biodiversity
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BARTOLOZZI L, BONINI I, BORETTI R, BUSSOTTI F, CENNI E, CHIARUCCI A, COZZI A, DE DOMINICIS V, FERRETTI M, GROSSONI P, LANDI G, LEONZIO C, VIGNOZZI G. Forest ecosystem monitoring in Tuscany (Italy): past activities, present status and future perspectives. J Limnol [Internet]. 2002Sep.1 [cited 2021Jun.14];61(s1):129-36. Available from: