The MOLAR Project: atmospheric deposition and lake water chemistry


In the framework of the Mountain Lake Research (MOLAR) project, the water chemistry of 23 lakes covering Europe from the Svalbard Islands to the South of Spain were studied. The lakes are located above or beyond the timber line in the most important mountain areas in Europe. Atmospheric deposition was sampled at 11 sites, representative of different lake districts. 24 institutions took part in the activity. The comparability of the analytical results performed in 18 laboratories was assured by strict sampling and analysis protocols and by a detailed programme of Analytical Quality Assessment/Control. The paper summarises the main morphometric and hydrological characteristics of the lakes and their watersheds and discusses the results of the atmospheric deposition and lake water chemistry. An overview on the main processes controlling the composition and ionic ratio of deposition and lake chemistry is given.


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remote lakes, water chemistry, deposition chemistry
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