Preserving the heritage of limnology in Italy



This article is simultaneously a call for, a study of, and a contribution to the preservation of scientific heritage. Focusing on the heritage of a disciplinary niche like that of limnology, we take the specific heritage of the Istituto Italiano di Idrobiologia ‘Dr. Marco De Marchi’ (Istituto) as a case study to illustrate the present challenges and possibilities for the conservation and study of limnological scientific heritage. In particular, we highlight two different forms that this heritage takes at the Istituto: its ongoing scientific publication – the current Journal of Limnology, and its collection of scientific instruments – the Crypta Baldi. Showing both the limitations and potential of these collections, we offer insights into the history of limnology through the lens of the Istituto. Furthermore, we bring these insights to bear on broader reflections about the importance of preserving the scientific heritage that shaped and continues to shape our world, and holds the promise of helping us not to lose sight of the past as well as the future of a scientific field like limnology.



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80 Years of the Journal of Limnology
Istituto Italiano di Idrobiologia, Crypta Baldi, scientific heritage, history of limnology
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