Announcing the Most Cited Paper Award of the Journal of Limnology


For more than 20 years the Journal of Limnology has served as a rewarded resource for scientist involved in inland waters research. We are greatly indebted to authors, reviewers, and editors who have devoted their experience and time to ensure the development and the survival of this resource. It is time to give due recognition to authors who have chosen the Journal of Limnology as the outlet for their noteworthy work.

The Editorial Board of the Journal of Limnology is pleased to establish the Most Cited Paper Award, which will be an annual award conferred to the most cited paper from the ones published in Journal of Limnology in the previous year. For this year, 2019, the award for the most cited paper among those published in 2017 is given to Kaczkowski et al. (2017) on “Relationships among cyanobacteria, zooplankton and fish in sub-bloom conditions in the Sulejow Reservoir”. It received 8 citations according to Clarivate Web of Science. It received the same number of citations of another paper, Ladrera et al. (2017), but it was published online later, and thus managed to get the same amount of citations in a shorter period of time.

Today, the Journal of Limnology has grown publishing three regular issues plus one or two supplements per year. However, we want to assure our readers and contributors that the growth does not compromise the quality of the journal. We wish to emphasize that the Journal of Limnology has an official JIF of 1.277, it receives about 110 submissions and publishes about 70 papers annually (2018 data), becoming a large collection of high-quality research papers thanks to its editorial team and reviewers. We are confident that given the long history of the journal and the high selectivity among the large pool of papers submitted, the Most Cited Paper Award from the Journal of Limnology will be an important achievement for the international limnological community. It will serve as a spur for more researchers to consider submitting their best work to the Journal of Limnology.

Finally, the prize for the award.


This year, we announce the winning paper in this editorial; from 2020, the winning paper will be announced in the first issue of the Journal of Limnology each year. All authors of the paper will be awarded an official Certificate of Award. The corresponding author for the award of 2019, Zbigniew Kaczkowski from the University of Lodz in Poland, will receive a printed copy of the Journal of Limnology issue including the awarded paper and will be eligible for the publication of another paper submitted to Journal of Limnology, for free.

Besides, we have also to announce that the journal must slightly increase the APC following the general increase in publishing costs. All papers submitted from July 1st, 2019 will be subject to the APC fee of €600,00 if they are accepted for publication.

We are confident that the Journal of Limnology will continue to be an attractive outlet for your research results and we look forward to your continued support and receiving your good work.

Roberto Bertoni and Diego Fontaneto, Editors-in-chief



Kaczkowski Z, Wojtal-Frankiewicz A, Gągała I, Mankiewicz-Boczek J, Jaskulska A, Frankiewicz P, Izydorczyk K, Jurczak T, Godlewska M, 2017. Relationships among cyanobacteria, zooplankton and fish in sub-bloom conditions in the Sulejow Reservoir. J Limnol 76:1521.  Doi: 10.4081/jlimnol.2017.1521

Ladrera R, Cañedo-Argüelles M, Prat N, 2017. Impact of potash mining in streams: the Llobregat basin (northeast Spain) as a case study. J Limnol 76:1525. Doi: 10.4081/jlimnol.2016.1525