• 35th Congress of the International Society of Limnology (SIL2021)


    We welcome the opportunity to host the 35th Congress of the International Society of Limnology. Initially the SIL2020 Congress was originally scheduled to be held in Gwangju, but due to COVID-19, it is necessary to hold the congress virtually. The date has been postponed for a year, and thus the congress was renamed as the SIL2021. Because the revised meeting will be virtual, the schedule with the scientific program is changed. With the live opening ceremony, the SIL2021 will begin from 22nd to 27th August, 2021. The congress is in the virtual realm, concentrating on cooperation in an electronic environment. []


  • Fast track review for young limnologists


    PhD or Masters students who act as corresponding authors for a manuscript submitted to the Journal of Limnology can apply for fast-track review: a first decision, including a round of peer review, will be given as soon as possible, surely within three weeks.

    In order to help the younger generation of limnologists to publish their manuscripts, we also offer a 15% discount for all submissions that will be received within the end of June 2021.

    Follow the instructions on and opt for 'Fast track for students', adding a letter from your supervisor certifying your status as Masters or PhD student.


  • Most Cited Paper Award of the Journal of Limnology


    For this year, 2020, the award for the most cited paper among those published in 2018 is given to Prats et al. (2018) on “Simulation of the hydrodynamic behaviour of a Mediterranean reservoir under different climate change and management scenarios”, volume: 77 Issue: 1 Pages: 62-81

    doi: 10.4081/jlimnol.2017.1567


    The corresponding author for the award of 2020, Jordi Prats from the IRSTEA, France, will receive a printed copy of the Journal of Limnology issue including the awarded paper and will be eligible for the publication of another paper submitted to Journal of Limnology during 2020, for free.