Seasonal dynamics of plankton in a mountain lake in the southern Alps (Laghetto Inferiore, Switzerland)

  • Marco SIMONA |
  • Alberto BARBIERI
  • Mauro VERONESI
  • Stefano MALUSARDI


The pelagic populations in Laghetto Inferiore (southern Swiss Alps) were studied between 1996 and 1998 during the ice-free period. Investigations revealed a considerable number of phytoplankton species but few zooplankton species. The vertical distribution of the main species of algae shows a marked vertical stratification, with higher biomass concentrations in the deep zone. Along this profile, species in the same taxonomic class tend to be distributed at different depths, according to their specific light requirements. During the study period no clear seasonal succession of populations was observed, also because of the influence of precipitation on the biological cycles. On the whole there was a good correspondence between the biomass values of phytoplankton and those of chlorophyll-a, both in integral samples of the whole water column and in the vertical profile.


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plankton succession, vertical distribution, high mountain lakes
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SIMONA M, BARBIERI A, VERONESI M, MALUSARDI S, STRAŠKRABOVÁ V. Seasonal dynamics of plankton in a mountain lake in the southern Alps (Laghetto Inferiore, Switzerland). jlimnol [Internet]. 1Aug.1999 [cited 23Jan.2020];58(2):169-78. Available from:

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